Ab carver reviews

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

Here are some reviews from people who have actually used Ab carver and they liked their experience with it.





Definitely a great addition to my workout, if you’re not experienced in this type of ab roller it takes some time to get the hang of it… But in the process and when you do, it’s a fantastic ab workout.

Debora Fuentes

If you hate doing abs, this can be a fun workout. Would highly recommend it!

Brian Varga

I recommend this to my beginner friends for their ab workouts, it helps me, it should help them too.

Phil Turner

Best AB wheel yet!

Have used many different ab wheels, this one is the best so far. Best handles of any, wide wheel works better and keeps the motion smooth. Only concern is the internal spring and how long it lasts.


A must have if you want Abs! It’s simple to use and it’s the most effective Ab product out there, without spending a fortune!

Kevin McNeal

I love the ab pro it is everything I thought it would be i am actually getting abs for the first time in my life love the results.


Works as expected thanks


so glad I bought this. very good workout for abs, arms and back! I followed the schedule in the beginning and had very few sore days but saw results. Now I have increased and use it as often as I could without feeling the strain.


Works exactly as stated.

Kevin J. Burke

I love this device its like doing planks, sit ups, and push ups at the same time

Charle Rice

My six pack is starting to show.

Chuck Gugudan

Really easy but really works your abs!!! Love it

Laurie T

Absolutely love my Ab Carver!!

Ruth E

This really works. With strength, determination, a good eating plan and a structured schedule you will achieve great results with this equipment.

Steph’s Ulimited

Love it! It’s fun to play with, so actually use it daily, much to my own surprise. At first, I thought I would leave it aside after playing few times.


This is the first ab tool that really works. The only con is you have to be careful when you use it. Otherwise it will hurt your back.


I’ve bought and used just about all of the “at home” fitness products. From the gimmicky to the ridiculous. This one actually works for me. I can feel the muscles in my upper body every time I roll out and back in.


This is a fun workout item i love using it


The best ab wheel I’ve owned and tried.

Jared Cowan

This is a great piece of exercise equipment. Really works out and develops your core. Prepare to be sore.