Adnan Sami weight loss- the impossible to the possible journey


adnan Sami weight loss

For those who don’t know him?

Adnan Sami is a singer, musician, pianist, actor and composer with a command of Indian and Western Classical/Semi-Classical music, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Indian Classical music, Fusion & Indian Film music. He is also popularly known as being the ‘Fastest Keyboard player in the world & the Keyboard Discovery of the Nineties’ (described by the US based Keyboard Magazine).

Adnan  Sami weight loss journey was impossible and it has been made possible because of radical diet changes and dedicated time off work. He accomplished this goal in just one year.

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What is Adnan Sami weight loss story?

Here is his amazing story to inspire you to be a healthier version of yourself.

Adnan was going through personal crisis for years now and this cycle for reaching out to food for comfort and then getting depressed thus eating more, resulted in him weighing more than 454 Pounds (206 kilos) at that time.

His heavy weight started affecting his health. He had to use a walker to help him get around. He says that he couldn’t walk 5 steps at a time without resting. His knees, unable to bear the weight so the body gave up. In 2005 his knees developed Lymhedema or fluid retention in the knees which required a surgery and had him bedridden for almost 3 months

Adnan Sami weight loss

Adnan couldn’t breathe in the lying down position.  When he did lie down he needed pillows to help him stretch his legs and needed help getting in and out of his bed. Due to extra fat in his body, whenever he lied down the fat pushed into his lungs causing sleep apnea which robbed him of restful sleep.

Being a Singer Adnan had to travel, with plenty of traveling in his schedule his enormous weight made him constantly anxious about his travels. He needed to carry a custom made wheelchair in the airports; he needed to book flights which could provide extra large seats and in restaurants he made sure they arranged for a large enough seat for him.

Even though it was clear to everyone else that he needed to do something about his self, Adnan was not quite ready to make the changes until a doctor’s ominous prediction. The doctor told Adnan that unless he does something about his weight, he has only 6 months to live. This time, Adnan had to take the verdict seriously because deep down he knew that his body was giving up.

The Fat Flush Plan. Adnan Sami weight lossAdnan Sami weight loss supporter:

Adnan’s father was his first supporter. He gave him an ultimatum that unless Adnan devotes 6 months of his life to regaining his health or he would walk out of his life.

Finally Adnan negotiated the time to 3 months of ‘no work and only weight loss’ and moved to Houston and handed himself over to a nutritionist.

Adnan’s nutritionist studied his body, his mental and physical make-up and suggested a diet regime for him.  He was told to stay away from rice, bread, sugar and oil and eat only foods that are high in protein. But this did not mean that he gave up all the things he loved; instead of binging on unhealthy snacks, he was given the option of opting for home made popcorn with salt, choosing diet chocolate fudge sticks as a sweet option, going for diet ice lollies instead of ice creams. Adnan said that he almost discovered a different world out there that is diet friendly.

After Adnan got used to this kind of diet, he said he could continue it easily at home in Mumbai also. From here Adnan Sami weigh loss started.

Adnan admits that being so heavy; he was in no shape to exercise, so he stuck to dieting for 2 months with a bit of walking. Only after losing about 88 pounds (40 kilos) , Adnan was able to walk on the treadmill and do some of the exercises. He started noticing small changes in his body, from being able to sleep lying down, to requiring no help in getting up. Adnan also realized that slowly and steadily he was getting better.

The reward:

From being unable to stand or walk unsupported, today Adnan Sami likes to play tennis and squash. His new found physique has given him new confidence and a positive outlook towards life.  He says, now he realizes how much can be achieved with well power.

Adnan Sami’s weight loss message to others:

His message to whoever wants to lose weight is, “Everybody, including me, had written me off. I proved everyone, including me, wrong. If I can overcome it, anybody can.”

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Before you give up on your weight loss battle be thoughtful of these facts :

  • Most of the weight loss battle is to be fought in the mind and once mind is conquered, achieving the desired weight loss is not far away.



  • You cannot let others or even yourself say that you cannot do it!


  • Take all the support your friends and family have to offer; share your goals with them

I hope this story has inspired you to start winning your own weight loss battle.

Now you have read Adnan Sami weigh loss encouraging story are you:

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