Contouring’s power and your face

Contouring’s power and your face, is a great topic if you are looking for ways to look great and add confidence to your look and personality. Using right steps and right tools will take you there.

 Contouring’s power and your faceContouring has the power to change your look in both subtle and dramatic ways. You can shave off pounds (seriously) with strategically placed contour around the jawline and cheekbones, and brighten your complexion by highlighting the spots where light naturally hits your face. Pocket Contour shows you exactly where to place the product to get those effects: your forehead, along your nose, under your eyes, at your cheekbones, and along your jawline. Once you’ve applied the product, it’s all about blending together (over your foundation) to eliminate hard edges until you’re left with a more defined look.

Contouring’s power in a subtle way can make you look incredible. But contouring in the way that’s popular on Instagram and on reality TV is not going to make you look beautiful. It’s going to make you look like you have way too much makeup on.

It’s all about the less is more approach. If you’re going to use a creamy product blending is super important, and if you opt for powder, make sure you are using the softest brush possible and building up slowly. Choosing to either contour or highlight—it’s not always necessary to do both.

 Contouring’s power and your face
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When it comes to selecting your shades, you can achieve a sculpted look using just one or two products. You don’t need to invest in an entire palette unless you want to have a “very done” look. To get the most natural, seamless application you should select products that don’t have a super heavy pigment load.

Contouring looks best when it’s done in colors that are slightly taupe-y and not so warm. Keep in mind that bronze is not a contouring product—you should be looking for something that is neutral or slightly cool toned. While many tutorials recommend using a super light concealer to achieve your highlights, it is recommended a subtle radiant powder or cream that enhances the glow of your skin.

 Contouring’s power and your face
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The biggest tip for contouring’s power? Step away from the mirror and actually look at yourself from a distance. It’s far too easy to go too far.




Here are some helpful steps on how to use contouring’s power to add to your confidence in your look:

Step 1. Start with your normal foundation over the entire face.

Step 2. Tools and product are key to perfecting a contoured face. Make a line diagonally from the middle of the ear downwards with a cream contour base and contour brush.

Step 3. Blend upward towards the cheekbone using the same brush.

Step 4. Apply along jaw line and blend back and forth.

Step 5. Apply under the chin from left to right barely touching the skin and a little on the ball of the chin.

Step 6. Apply downwards on either side of the neck.

Step 7. Apply along the forehead and temple at the hairline. Blend contour cream using the brush backwards towards the hair.

 Contouring’s power and your face
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Step 8 and 9. Using a small blending brush apply contour along the sides of nose and blend up and down and into the eye socket.

Step 10. Apply a cream blush on the cheekbones in a circular motion to soften the contour and make it look graduated.

Step 11 and 12. Apply highlight powder under jaw line to accentuate your contour using a dense flat angled contouring brush.

Step 13. Powder in the T-zone and under eye