Food tricks for natural beauty

There are many natural beauty tips, tricks and recipes that you can make at home, and your kitchen contains all the ingredients you’ll need.

Food tricks for natural beauty

We always think about food and our health but this topic is about food tricks for natural beauty that are already in your fridge.

Here we are going to explain some of the food tricks for natural beauty.

  • Coconut Oil

Food tricks for natural beauty“Use coconut oil to remove stubborn eye makeup. It will instantly dissolve even the most waterproof formulas while gently exfoliating and moisturizing the delicate eye area. Use fingers to very gently massage eyes before using cotton pads to wipe to excess off. ”

Food tricks for natural beauty
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  • Oatmeal Facial Scrub

“Take store bought oats, grind them in a blender (keep the grounds larger for a more rigorous treatment) and then mix the grounds in with your regular facial cleanser immediately prior to use. Gently massage the mixture onto your face, avoiding the eye area, in small, circular motions before rinsing as usual. This is particularly great for people with sensitive skin.”



  • Caffeinated Coffee Grounds for cellulite

“Add cooled caffeinated coffee grounds to your body scrub for a cellulite-fighting exfoliate. Caffeine works by constricting blood vessels when applied topically, while also increasing circulation to your skin’s surface—it’s why you find it in de-puffing eye creams, too—both of which help to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. Combined with an invigorating scrubbing motion for manual stimulation, this is the perfect way to scrub up before you strip down.”


  • Beets for lips and cheeks

“Use a fresh beet as the perfect lip and cheek stain. Run a slice of freshly cut beet on the lips or cheek or dab coconut oil on a cotton swab then run the beet on the swab before applying.”


  • Raw honey for dry skin:

“Add a drop of raw honey to your evening dose of moisturizer. It’s a humectant—meaning it helps pull moisture deeper within your skin’s cells—helping your favorite moisturizer work even better.”

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

“It make your skin smell like salad dressing, but if your skin is acne prone, it’s worth it! Apply with a cotton pad to clean skin and let it dry to help tighten pores and kill bacteria.”


  • Orange Peels when you have yellow teeth

Food tricks for natural beauty“Gently scrub your teeth with an orange peel to naturally help whiten them. The citric acid will help to breakdown plaque and stains while the spongy peel helps scrub it away. Rinse well with water after but do not brush your teeth for at least one hour since the acids can weaken enamel, which you want to be careful not to scrub off.”


  • Greek Yogurt for that pesky blemish

“Apply a dab of full fat Greek yogurt to a blemish to reduce redness, balance bacteria, and loosen the clogged pore. The lactic acid gently loosens dead, dull skin cells while the fat hydrates. It’s important to use full fat opposed to skim or nonfat to achieve these benefits.”

  • Natural Bronzing


Food tricks for natural beautyMany people don’t know they can get slightly more bronze look easily and quick, by just heading to the kitchen… Yes, you read it right. J Keep reading to know how…..


How to Do It: Mix cocoa powder, cinnamon and arrowroot (optional) until you get a shade you like. At least half cocoa powder, about 30-40% cinnamon and a little arrowroot, but experiment to get your skin tone. Store in a small jar or container and brush onto skin for an instant bronze look. Bonus: it smells good! You can also mix this into lotion for a liquid version!