Seth Rogen weight loss-the fat to fab diet you can follow

Seth Rogen before and after weight loss

Sometimes we wonder how this Celeb lost weight and got in shape. Have you ever wondered how Seth Rogen suddenly got slim or what is the secret in Seth Rogen weight loss to transformation from the fat to the fab?

5-Factor Fitness. Seth Rogen weight loss-Rogen answer to this question was its “the lamest answer ever, I exercised and I dieted.” What a novel idea, right?

At a time when everyone is dying to hear celebs’ slim down secrets, it’s refreshing to hear this down-to-earth actor admitted that he did it the old-fashioned way. There is no miracle pill, but the closest thing we have to a surefire weight-loss strategy is exercising more and eating right.

Seth Rogen weight loss did not only make looks leaner, but he also looks healthier. Though he claims he doesn’t care how he looks or feels, certainly something motivated him to start eating better.

If you did not know this before Seth Rogen lost 30 Pounds so far.

Many people especially his fans were shocked when Seth Rogen made his huge weight loss for the film Green Hornet, losing nearly 30 pounds. If you saw him in Superbad, he was really chubby – then he lost the weight and is now a Hollywood stud!!

The question is: How did he do it?


5-Factor Fitness. Seth Rogen weight loss-Seth was able to lose the weight following the 5 Factor Diet, created by Hollywood celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak.


So what is the 5 Factor Diet that Seth Rogen followed for his weight loss and transformed him from a fat to fab ?


Very easy .The ’5’ refers to doing nearly all things 5 times, which makes it an easy diet to follow. The plan recommends dieters eat, as well as work out, in five increments each day (the latter might be the hardest part). But the diet works.


The diet recommends eating five times a day; it keeps the metabolism running all day long (the ‘engine’ that burns calories in the body). Harley Pasternak’s diet works because it has dieters consume the right kind of foods and the exact amount of calories the body needs.

Another reason celebs who tried this diet saw big-time results is because it takes into consideration the glycemic index- the sugar levels in the body. The diet’s creator says low glycemic-index foods, known to keep blood sugar levels low in the body, help the body burn fat.

The Fat Flush Plan. Seth Rogen weight lossEasy enough? Yes, but when it comes to sticking to the diet, that’s where the challenge comes in. The diets recommend eating five meals a day with each meal containing only five ingredients. And no more than 5 minutes should be spent to prepare for each of the meals (which is put in place to prevent dieters from cooking anything too much; anything closer to raw is always better).


There are also certain food criteria that need to be followed for each meal.  Meals need to contain low fat, high quality protein (chicken or fish), low-glycemic-index carbohydrates, plenty of fiber, healthy fats and only sugar-free beverages.

Celebs Seth Rogen weight loss has a “cheat” day on the diet, where he can indulge in anything he wants (as long as he still eats five times a day).

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Now to the work out part to lose weight: 5 different exercises in 5 minute increments, 5 days a week. Dumbbells are recommended and Cardio too.

Here is a challenge for you, if Seth Rogen weight loss routine helped him and he can do it, why can you not do it? Be your own celeb in your weight loss challenge. Start the change today.


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