Shed Weight off by drinking Shakes

Shed Weight off by drinking ShakesWe see on TV many commercials about different kinds of shakes.The question is can we shed weight off by drinking shakes? in order to answer that question we need to know what protein shakes are?

Protein shakes are a form of dietary supplement, meant to help people add large amounts of protein to their diet in a very quick and easy fashion. Protein shakes do have some significant benefits for people trying to build muscle or lose weight. However, they are not a substitute for all daily meals. You can definitely lose weight or build muscle without the help of any supplements, but supplements definitely make life a bit easier. Protein shakes have their place in a weight loss diet. You just need to know when to drink shakes as they can boost your weight loss efforts.


You can maximize the results of drinking shakes if you treat it as “part” of a complete weight loss solution.




So what is in protein shake?

The right protein shake for you. Drinking shakes

Protein shakes are usually a blend of whey protein isolate and concentrate. Whey protein is entirely natural since it is a by-product of cheese and it has the highest branched chain amino acids of any natural food source.


                                                                                                                                                  Protein shakes and weight loss

So can you shed weight off by drinking shakes?

Many people use protein Shake to replace all their daily meals. When a dieter does this, he could inadvertently be putting his body into starvation mode as the calorie deficit may be too large. While there may be substantial early weight loss, it is seldom sustainable.

To get the result to shed weight off by drinking Shakes read the following lines:

Weight loss should be approached from a holistic point of view. When you have a holistic approach to weight loss, you can definitely include protein shakes into your diet and it will help your weight loss efforts. It acts as a high quality source of protein. When coupled with a healthy diet and exercise, it is an ample source of Protein for your body to build much-needed muscles.


When should I use protein shake and how I can shed weight off by drinking shakes?


When to drink Protien ShakesGood question! You can get the benefits of taking whey protein if you know when to drink Protein shakes . The best way to supplement with protein shakes for weight loss is by having them in between meals. Your metabolism is at its highest when you are eating meals every few hours. It is also recommended that people who are trying to lose weight should have 5-6 small portion size meals each day.

Drinking protein shakes to shed off some weight can be a quick meal for people who have busy schedules. Rather than missing all their daily meals completely, you can very quickly drink a protein shake as a one meal replacement.

A lot of people get hungry at bedtime. This can be quite a torture. A protein shake can be taken at bedtime to suppress the hunger level. The amino acids in protein shake may even help you get better sleep and help the release of fat burning growth hormones.

Types of protein Shakes that help to shed some weight off:


Milk Protein ShakeThere are five main protein sources used in most protein shakes: soy, egg, casein, milk, and whey.  Of these, only soy is suitable for vegans, but many people believe that there are downsides to ingesting such massive amounts of soy. It is important to look at how accessible the protein in protein shakes actually is. Ingesting huge amounts of protein does no good if your body isn’t able to turn the amino acids into actual protein and be utilized in the body.


Whey Protein ShakeWhey protein shakes are the most popular type of protein shake, with their protein derived from the whey protein found in milk. It absorbs very quickly, and remains in the body for only a brief time. Casein is also derived from milk, and remains in the body for a longer time and absorbs more slowly. Soy protein on the other hand is derived from plants and has good source of antioxidant properties. Some people believe soy protein causes a decrease in testosterone and an increase in Estrogen , but there is a great deal of debate on this subject.


So what to look for when drinking shakes ?

Shed Weight off by drinking Shakes

If you are trying to lose weight it is very important that you buy the right kind of protein shake that helps you to shed some weight off. Many shakes have an abundance of carbohydrates in them. These are usually designed for those looking to build muscles.

It’s also important to figure out how much protein you actually need. Most people only need around 3.6 grams of protein for every ten pounds of weight (8 grams per ten kilograms). Most people actually eat more protein than that, so protein shakes are really geared/needed for people who are working out extensively or building muscle. People working out intensely, or extreme athletes, should get up to 9 grams of protein for every ten pounds of weight (20 grams per ten kilograms).

To use protein shakes for weight loss you need to find shakes that have very little carbohydrates and fat, and are more filled with protein. People in the middle such as athletes that are operating at a slightly less intense level, or people engaged in moderate body building would want to find a shake that falls somewhere in the middle with perhaps a 30% or 40% protein content.

Now after reading this post “Shed Weight off by drinking Shakes” why not give it a shot and try it?

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Shed Weight off by drinking Shakes